Wednesday, February 28, 2018

White Night Melbourne 2018

Sometimes I can be lazy, but I decided this year that I wanted to have more outings as a family. Crowds aren't really my thing but sometimes they're unavoidable if you want to see something interesting and get out of a rut. So when Hubby rang me on Friday and suggested we head into the city Saturday night my first instinct was to say no. I knew we had a fairly busy day and I was bound to be tired but I decided not to let that be the last word and said yes. We can easily catch the tram in anyway and if we weren't having a good time we'd just come home.

This year Chinese New Year celebrations coincided with White Night Melbourne. Our first destination was the Hawker's Market for dinner of noodles and pork buns. A friendly security guard pointed us to the abandoned tents with a table and couple of chairs which we snagged to eat our dinner in relative comfort and quiet. By the time we'd finished our dinner the White Night festival had started and we decided to head to our nearest installations at the Alexandra Gardens. This site was relatively crowd free.



We spent most of our time down near the Yarra with fewer crowds, wandered around and perched on the wall eating churros and watching the activity on the river. At 9:45pm the Chinese New Year fireworks were on and we got a good spot right on the river to watch. The last time we went to see the fireworks we set up much closer, and unfortunately down wind where we were showered with ash. We weren't going to make the same mistake this time.

Chinese New Year Fireworks Melbourne 2018

At the conclusion of the fireworks we went up to St Kilda Rd which was absolute mayhem. The road towards Fed Square was absolutely packed with people and we had to fight through them to reach our tram. After freeing myself from the mass of people I found a spot to perch and take some photos of Fed Square ...


and Flinders St station. The question posed ... "What if you forgave someone tonight?"


and the Secret Life of Buildings as we walked back to our tram.


I'm so glad I said YES! So far this year 2 out of 2 great nights (the first was the Big Bash in Jan) that I could have spent curled up on the couch at home. Am I the only one who has to talk themselves into doing something they know will be fun?

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alexa said...

What amazing things they did with the lights ... Thank-you for the glimpses. Yes, I understand the effort it takes to pull oneself out into something new and the reward for doing so :).