Friday, February 9, 2018

Where do all the spoons go ...

Op shop cutlery

We regularly host a Sunday afternoon BBQ for our church community gathering. It's drop in and open invitation so we never know how many might turn up. Since we're also trying to reduce waste around here we don't use disposable plates and cutlery. That means we need an unknown amount of extra cutlery so I went on an expedition scouring the local op shops. What I found was an abundance of knives and forks as well as soup spoons but no dessert spoons. It seems that dessert spoons and tea spoons are few and far between as confirmed by one of the volunteers at the Salvos. It's a phenomenon that I've noticed in our own house ... it's the dessert spoons and tea spoons that seem to go missing and that often run short.

On my fourth shop I finally snagged eight dessert spoons. I'm curious though, where do all the dessert spoons go? Any ideas?

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alexa said...

This made me smile! It’s teaspoons in our house. Have you ever read the children’s book The Borrowers? I think they must be responsible :).