Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 15: Coober Pedy to Murray Bridge

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays in 2015 (I'm determined to finish the series.)

Our last day in the desert and we not only got to see the wildflowers out from previous rain we also had a couple of big rain drops land while we were driving through.


We had been very lucky the whole trip with traffic. The road trains can be three or four trailers long so you need approximately 1km of clear road to overtake. We passed plenty going the other way but only had to pass one ourselves.

Untitled We stopped again at Lake Hart and this time we weren't in such a rush so we could go down to have a better look. The path is through a pipe under the train track ... and a train just happened to be passing over when we were there. The Boy and Hubby were a bit reluctant to go through but the train was so long that in the end they came through or faced waiting on the other side for ages.


It was absolutely freezing so we didn't linger but we did walk out a little way onto the dry salty bed of the lake.
Lake Hart

The cold weather was just the beginning of what we would hit as we drove home into the "Antarctic Vortex". Untitled

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