Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 14: Uluru to Coober Pedy

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays in 2015 (I'm determined to finish the series.)

We got a reasonably early start, on the road at 8:00am. Watch out for wedge tailed eagles eating road kill. We stopped at one lot ... they are big birds.

Morning tea: Erlanda. 10:25am

This is the big service station at the corner of the Stuart Highway. We had been looking forward to trying the apple turnover since Geoff said it was so good ... but NO APPLE TURNOVER! Disappointment all round.

Lunch: South Australian border. There's tables and toilets and you can get a photo with the sign.


We arrived at Coober Pedy at 4:180m. Total km for the trip so far 5142.

Dinner at the shell roadhouse which was a pretty good meal.