Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Taking stock ...

Long time no blog ... over 2 months in fact, so I figured a good way to ease back into things and let you know some of the things I've been doing would be Pip's taking stock list ...

Making : a photobook. I finally finished our 2015 album and I'm eagerly awaiting its' arrival in the mail.
Cooking : Lots of new dairy free recipes, as I'm laying off the dairy for a while and simultaneously cutting down my sugar intake. We also had an Indian themed feast at the end of the September holidays ... but right now ... Salmon cakes for dinner. The microwave is beeping at me to come get the potatoes out.


Drinking : Water mainly but also coconut and banana smoothies ... and wine.
Reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
Trawling: cookbooks for new recipes.
Wanting: a new camera. I'm looking at the smaller and lighter mirrorless cameras.
Looking: at my watch, must make sure dinner is not too late tonight so we can get to the school carols.
Deciding: the menu for Christmas lunch.
Wishing: the Little girl would stop fainting.
Enjoying: hummus on toast for my snacks.
Waiting: for our reserve to come up at the library on the fifth season of the Game of Thrones.
Liking: Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food ... especially the bircher muesli.


Wondering: if the weather will ever warm up for summer.
Loving: the new plant we put in the front garden.


Pondering: whether to cull my to do list.
Listening: to spotify ads, the kids play it through the living room speakers but they only have the free account.
Considering: whether to look for a new dress when I go summer clothes shopping.
Buying: bulk at The Source, a new shop opened up near us.
Watching: Outlander on SBS.
Hoping: for an not too late finish to the school carol service.
Marvelling: at how talented some kids are.
Cringing: at the off notes ... but good on them for having a go.
Needing: a good sleep.
Questioning: why we let anxiety lead to persecution of the most vulnerable.
Smelling: climbing roses outside my kitchen window.
Wearing: jeans and a T-shirt.
Following: my kids around to end of year functions.
Noticing: that my pantry needs cleaning out.
Knowing: that there's only a few short weeks until Christmas and I haven't done much of anything yet to get ready.
Thinking: about doing a rewrite of an essay for publication.
Admiring: the sculptures at William Rickett's Sanctuary. We went for a quick visit on a wet day in the holidays.


Getting: a bit faster now I'm doing running club regularly. Thursday night is at the Tan but we often run to Olympic Park and do our workout around the track there.


Bookmarking: magazine layouts as inspiration for my next photobook.
Disliking: the cold weather.
Opening: a package of reusable produce bags.
Giggling: at the kids efforts to dress up Riley. He's chewing on the knight's cape.


Feeling: a bit stiff.
Hearing: traffic.
Celebrating: two birthdays. The Big Girl turned 15 and The Boy 13. It was pancake cakes all the way for breakfast. Dinner out and a small party at home for both of them.
Pretending: it's not nearly the end of the year but ...
Embracing: end of year festivities.
Gasping: that they really did vote in Trump ... I know it's old news now.

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alexa said...

What a wonder list - really gives an insight into your world right now. Sorry to read about the little girl fainting :(. Hoping it rights itself soon. And well done on the photo book- I loved mine and am sure you will love yours too.