Saturday, September 17, 2016

This week's links ...

Late afternoon walk.

I'm a bit sick of all the rain this week, the kids have spent a lot of the holidays so far inside in the pyjamas, but today was warmer and sunnier before a late afternoon shower which luckily cleared before sundown so we could get out for a walk. The weather doesn't look promising but we decided to head down to the beach for a long weekend anyway. Here's some reading for your weekend ...

1. This completely blew my mind. How non-English speakers are taught this crazy English grammar rule you know but you've never heard of. (via Modern Miss Darcy.)

2. Book series for while you're waiting for the next Game of Thrones book.

3. 10 Weekend Photography Projects.

4.100 Secrets in Melbourne Suburbs.

5. Smarter to Do Lists.

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alexa said...

I csn never resist a post about about To Do lists :). Thank you for the photography link too. Hoping,you,all enjoyed your non-PJ time :).