Monday, September 5, 2016

Currently ...


Enjoying some slightly warmer weather now that Spring is here.

Committing to completing my running program each week and celebrating my fastest 10km this morning at just under 57min ... with hills.

Reading Jany Eyre ... I know, I can't believe I got this far through life without reading it.

Filling in the blanks in my Italy journal.

Avoiding dairy. I have an intolerance that is usually under control but I've previously had periods of time where I've had to avoid dairy to let my immune system recover. My eczema isn't totally out of control at the moment but would be good to get rid of it completely but I mainly want to see if there is any difference to my energy levels and just general feeling of well-being. We did hit the gelato and cheese fairly heavily in Italy.

Counting down until the school holidays, starting at the end of this week. That would be the kids.

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alexa said...

Your very last sentence made me smile :). And well done on that time and distance. Hoping the dietary change is helpful - hard to see how you could get through an Italian holiday without ice cream! And I do like your journal - great to have an as-it-happened record.