Wednesday, September 14, 2016

An off-line weekend.

#34 on my new list is to go off-line for 10 weekends. I've successfully completed one, although there were a couple of times where I plonked on the couch and was tempted by my phone. What I did ...

I finished reading Jane Eyre. I enjoyed it although I found Jane a little irritating when she dropped into her submissive behaviours round the strong males in the story. The good thing was that she was self-aware enough to know that about herself and strong enough to say no when she knew it would be to her detriment. This brings me 1/5 of the way to completing #81.

Before the weekend I copied out a new recipe I wanted to try for our Saturday night BBQ. Roasted New Potato Salad with Lentils.


As you can see I also downloaded my uni reading ... I still need to read it.

Saturday morning I dropped The Little Girl at swimming then did my 8km of intervals round the pond at Surrey Park while she swam.

After a shower and breakfast I took Riley down to the tennis club to watch The Boy play some of his match in the Club Championships before taking Riley to dog school.

I read the newspaper, watched a friend play a match in the men's singles Club Championships while chatting with his wife, popped into the supermarket and then made dinner. The potato salad was good. After dinner I printed and stuck some photos into my Italy journal and put the finishing touches on some of the maps.

Sunday was church. Then a run to the supermarket and quick tidy in preparation for The Little Girl's birthday party. At 1pm Hubby the Big Girl and I went down to the tennis club to compete in the women's doubles (The Big Girl and I) and the Parent/child doubles (Hubby and The Big Girl). The Big Girl had a full program, playing 5 sets but being young she was still bouncy at the end.


It was a good afternoon and we just made it home to have showers before the guests started arriving for The Little Girl's party. Pizza, ice-cream cake and a movie. We retreated to the lounge room ... even when the movie was on they were so loud, I'm not sure how they didn't all have splitting headaches.


The party finished at 10pm and by then Hubby and I were ready for our well earned sleep.

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Susanne said...

Well now, that is a lot accomplished offline. Note taken! And woe, that ice cream cake is over the top tempting.