Saturday, August 27, 2016

This week's links ...


The Boy has been off school sick this week but looks to be almost over it today so he got to play his final basketball match for the season this afternoon. The Big Girl has been a bit too time pressed to continue Riley's training so I've had to take over, he was really an ideal dog this morning at class ... until he was not. He tends to turn off halfway through and start to run amok. He also like to visit the other classes. So other than dog school, I squeezed a run in between dropping off and picking up The Little girl from morning swimming, watching The Boy play basketball and I'll be heading out to The Big Girl's game any minute.

Here's some links ..

1. 2015 Book Award Winners. I've read "All the Light we Cannot See" which continued my love affair with Pulitzer Prize winners. The only other book on the list I've read is Lila which I enjoyed too.

2. PSD template for instagram photos.

3.  Question Time. Asking the right questions.

4. We had Pasta alla Vodka for dinner last night. Yum!

5.  Fog and Mist Photography Tips.

That's all for now ... enjoy your weekend!

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alexa said...

Hoping your poorly boy is much better now, and good to hear you are still running. Those fog and mist tips were very useful - thank you for the link. We're just getting to a misty time of year here!