Friday, July 22, 2016

This week's links ...

Another weekend. These weeks seem to rush past. Riley is back at dog school today and later the girls and I will be going shopping. The Little Girl is going to one of the local boys school's social tonight and of course has nothing to wear. She has an idea of what she wants ... hopefully it is in the shops and in her size.

Here's some links for you weekend reading:

1. I listen to podcasts sometimes when I'm cooking or doing the ironing. I haven't listened to any of these but they might be worth a listen ... 11 Inspiring TED talks.

2.  Bujo Hacks. I use tabs and sometimes threading but haven't tried any of the others.

3. Homemade Instant noodles.

4. 10 Best Pre-workout Snacks.

5. 100 must read Scifi and Fantasy books by female authors.

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alexa said...

Another wonderful list of resources - I came yesterday and have been dipping in and out ever since. Thank-you! (And I didn't know that BuJo = bullet journalling!).