Saturday, March 5, 2016

This week's links ...

Hello again. We've been rather busy round here. I started back at uni and did my seminar yesterday. The Little Girl competed in her first triathalon ... but if she decides to do more she will probably need an adult's bike, the small wheels didn't help her. The Big Girl has her basketball semi-final this afternoon. Hubby joined a run club and is exhausting himself Tuesday and Thursday nights and The Boy will be off to camp on Monday so this afternoon we will be doing some packing.

And Riley has been ...


destroying his new water bucket. Hubby thought he might need a more water on hot days than his stainless steel water bowl holds. We'll be looking for a metal bucket.

On to the links ...

1.  How to shoot travel videos people actually want to watch.

2. Goodreads Best Books of 2015.

3. DIY Journal Pen Holder. I use the Leuchtturm pen holder with my journal but it only holds 1 very thin pen. If I ever got the time this would be a good alternative.

4. Sixty second photograph project.

5. Color//Colour A photography project.

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