Sunday, February 14, 2016

This week's links ...


So, I'm finally making my way back here after a refreshing summer break.  I've watched my sunflowers grow quite rapidly since we came back from the beach. Now they are towering over my head, with three blooms out already and more to follow. You might be able to tell that the flower is facing away from the sun and a quick google search confirmed that, contrary to what I'd heard, sunflowers do not follow the sun, but rather tend to face east, which is what ours are doing.

I've got another post partially completed with some highlights from our holidays, but the weekend means it's link time so ...

1. On keeping a journal, a video from a longtime journal keeper.

2. A big collection of tips to improve your photography.

3. And some specifically for taking better iphone photos.

4. It's back to school here for us and with 3 very active children, one who's in a growth spurt, and who are a bit lazy when they pack their lunch and one husband who needs to buy his lunch less often, for budget and health considerations ... here's 5 ways to pack a healthy lunch.

5. Literary Travel. Top picks from Ann Morgan who spent a year reading books from every country in the world.

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