Thursday, December 3, 2015

Around here ...

There is temporary fence around our courtyard garden after Riley made several fishing expeditions, ripping out a couple of water plants and pulling out the newly planted bamboo that replaced the first lot he pulled out ... he's pretty proud of himself.


We had a tapas dinner in the city care of a super early sound check for the orchestra before presentation night. The Big Girl, Hubby and I went to dinner with another couple while The Little Girl did her thing.


The Bounce party has been postponed until February and replaced by afternoon tea and a swim this Sunday because of a broken toe.


Which also means The Boy will not be able to do the year 6 dance at his graduation next Monday or dance at the disco later on that night.

The countdown socks are filled with treats ...


and the Christmas Tree is up.


All three kids finish school next Tuesday but The Big Girl has not been required at school this week, making the most of it with two parties and too much ipad ... and we may have ventured to Westfield to watch The Mockingjay Part II.

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alexa said...

Ouch as regards the toe ... I still can't get used to the combination of summer and Christmas! Your preparations sound well advanced - apart from the canine interruptions!