Saturday, November 14, 2015

This week's links ...


My desk the morning after the midnight deadline for my essay. I had to take the Little Girl to pickup an award at her school sports presentation night before getting back home to cut 400 words from the essay. About half of that is now on the floor next to my desk after I pushed it all off so I had enough space to catch up my work. Clean up will be happening soon but first some links.

1.  We have a foam roller and I credit it with helping me stay running ... I roll my IT band everyday I run. Here's 11 self-massage techniques.

2. 15 Tips to improve your drawing skills.

3. Free Brush Style font (email subscription required).

4. Simplifying your digital life.

5. The value of remembering ordinary moments.

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alexa said...

I am most impressed, Melissa, that you gave time to posting these great links before tidying up - and well done to the Little Girl on her achievement and to you on yours :). It can take longer to trim and cut words than it does to write them. I'm especially pleased to have the massage link and the journalling link - though I know I really need to put into action the things on the digital simplicity front. Wishing you a happy weekend!