Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unexpected gifts

I had my last class of Church: The quest for Christian Community today and realised that I have two weeks to finish my essay not one like I'd thought. Of course that meant that I didn't have to rush home and keep writing, a decidedly unappealing prospect after my early morning wake up and tech wrestles, followed by three hours of class. Instead a took advantage of a small oasis of time between getting home and needing to do the after school driving to water the garden, pick some broad beans and refill our leaky pond. Riley stole a broad bean out of the bowl while I was picking and would have stolen more if I'd let him. It reminded me of the kids sneaking out to the garden with a friend in tow when they were younger to snack on fresh picked pods. Some other little animal has been helping themselves to the broad beans so I stripped every last one which leaves me with a good offering for the communal table over the weekend.


We head off to Pt. Lonsdale to spend the four day weekend with mum and dad (and possibly brother and sister?) tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to some time reading, relaxing and some (but not as much as I had anticipated) essay writing.

The vegetable garden will need to be cleaned out when I get home to make way for some more tomato plants. The lettuces and other seeds I planted have made a start and a single self-seeded sweet pea is putting on a show. Another unexpected gift that gives me a lift every time I see it.


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alexa said...

Phew, isn't it lovely when we realise there is more breathing room that we'd thought? Another little gift from the universe to go with that delicate sweet pea :). Hoping you have a lovely and productive four days away,and looking forward to hearing more when you return. I always have to do a double take on the seasons thing - our gardens are going to sleep here!