Saturday, October 17, 2015

This week's links ...


 I had a break over some of winter from running, mainly due to lots of colds and a couple of bouts of vertigo and it is so hard to get back into it. I'm persevering though and this week managed three 6km runs. Luckily for me Melbourne has some beautiful tracks to run. The photo above is a creek running next to a small section of path I ran this morning before breakfast ... although I do have another favourite path further along the creek which is plain dirt and a lot more secluded ... and so not really OK for early morning runs.

Here's some links for your weekend ...

1.  7 Photo Apps. I use VSCO and love it. I pretty much exclusively use the camera in this app, in fact I used it to take and edit the photo above.

2. The Best Pens for Writing.

3. Fabulous collection of DIY and craft projects.

4. Video: drawing planner icons.

5. A bit over the top I think but interesting all the same: A man who recorded every detail of his life for 5 years.

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alexa said...

As always, a fascinating group of links - I always look forward to these posts. nd an interesting point about logging the day, that it makes the day seem richer and more detailed and more memorable. I am going to think about that too! So many glorious projects on that DIY site - who'd have thought pompoms would look so good?