Monday, October 5, 2015

Melbourne to Alice Springs Roadtrip Day 8: West MacDonell's

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays.

 We began our day by driving 135km out to Ormiston Gorge. The 7km Ormiston Pound walk is one of the regions best. The path begins by following the accewss road before dropping into the Ormiston Creek and then climbing up the outside of the Pound. AS always the kids set the pace ... and it was a cracking one, hills are done at about the same pace as flat, although Hubby specified that every 20mins they must stop for a drink break. The Little Girl set the timer on her watch.


As you reach the top of the wall there is a small track that winds up to a lookout over the Pound. Quite steep and rocky it's worth the short climb for a magnificent view.

Ormiston Gorge 2

As I said, the path is quite steep.


Back on the main trail, there's a reasonably steep descent into the pound, then it winds across the Pound floor.


I found the last part of the walk to be the hardest and although it was a small distance probably took us at least on hour of our three hours. For large sections we had to clamber over large boulders along the creek bed. The stunning red rock walls took my mind off my sore legs.


There are a series of waterholes through the gorge. These are fairly permanent. With the water come the birds and we enjoyed spotting the tiny ones flitting through the trees.


There is a cafe and toilets not far from the waterhole at the end of the gorge and also picnic tables were we could eat our lunch. On the way back to Alice Springs we stopped at the Ochre Pits located 25km from Ormiston Gorge. This Ochre deposit is still used by the local Arrarnta people and is a registered sacred site.

In Alice Springs we had just enough time to make a quick stop at the Museum of Central Australia for the girls and I while Hubby took The Boy to the Central Australian Aviation Museum.

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alexa said...

Just wonderful to see such great photos of a place I will probably never get to see for myself. And I admire you and your children for being such stalwart walkers :).