Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 39 and 40

I can't believe I'm posting week 40 here. Where did the year go? Despite my good intentions I managed to get behind on this project so my new good intention each week is to complete the previous week plus catchup one week. I think by doing this I should complete the album on time.

What we did week 39: It was the second week of school holidays. BOOST juice was running the name game and The Big Girl's name came up on the Monday and mine on the Tuesday, so free Boosts for us. Unfortunately when we went to claim mine on Tuesday the girl said we had to have a Boost card. After a quick exchange via facebook and email I soon had a voucher coming to me in the mail and since I didn't make a special trip to Camberwell for my boost I wasn't too annoyed. The kids decorated their second batch of cupcakes for the holidays. The Big Girl has a food technology exam that involves decorating cupcakes so she was practicing. We went summer wardrobe shopping for the kids. The Little Girl's friends threw her a surprise birthday party and she celebrated her actual birthday on Sunday. We all went to Pt. Lonsdale and you can see some of what we did here.

The pages: Lots of photos that I wanted to include so four pages.

What we did week 40: It was the last week of the school holidays. Hubby took Riley home with him Monday afternoon. Meanwhile Dad took The Boy back to Melbourne on some errands and I took the girls to see Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. It was quite different from the book but I really liked it. I think the changes probably made it a better movie. Tuesday I took the kids for a walk along the Barwon River away from the ocean, then to Barwon Heads for a drink. Wednesday we headed back to Melbourne. Friday was the first time we had the Grand Final public holiday. We helped dad clearing out his factory so he can get it ready for a new tenant. Friday night Hubby, The Boy and I went out to friends for a BBQ. Saturday was AFL Grand Final Day. A very warm one. We went to friends who are Hawk's supporters to watch the game then have dinner. The Hawks won easily. Sunday Hubby took The Boy and The Big Girl to his parents place at Woodend to celebrate his mother's birthday. I took The Little Girl to Boroondara Rec Centre to swim the 400m freestyle at the MetroEast Distance Meet.

The pages: Two pages. Since the photo I chose as a full page one had a large expanse of white sky I decided to put the journaling on top and leave more room for photos on the other page.


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alexa said...

That sounds a great way to catch up, Melissa. Your lovely clean style always impresses me; and I especially like the use of the sky for your journalling. You seem to have been extremely busy! Cleaning out a factory sounds like a BIG job ...