Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 14 and 15

I'm keeping up with my catch-up plan but I've decided not to post every page here which saves me a bit of time re-sizing and uploading, and also solves privacy issues when I have a lot of photos involving other people.

What we did Week 14: It was the last week of term for The Boy, while the girls were already on holidays for the Easter break. The Boy had his Passion Project Fair at school. They worked on a research project on any topic they were interested in for the whole term. The Boy researched plane design. Good Friday we went to church then headed down to the beach house. My sister was out from Singapore with her kids and my brother and his family were down too. Lots of food was eaten.

What we did Week 15: This was the week Riley came home to join our family ... but I'm getting ahead of myself. We forgot to have the Easter egg hunt on Sunday so we had ours Monday. Then holiday haircuts once we were back in Melbourne. Then Saturday we picked up Riley. I had so much fun putting together these pages because the photos of Riley were so cute and you do forget. I had a lot of photos this week so I made four pages. (not all the photos were of Riley, I also had a lot from Pt. Lonsdale) Here's two that do have a lot of Riley:


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alexa said...

It's not until you see the early photos that you realise how much Riley has grown ... Very sweet look - and I am not a doggy person. You are doing well at catching up - I can barely keep pace±