Saturday, September 26, 2015

This week's links ...

today, my morning run ...

Pt Lonsdale Front Beach

 Here's those links:

1. Library Reads top 10 books for 2014.

2. It's the time of year of us to start thinking about our summer vegetable garden. Simple tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden.

3. Write a diary everyday for a year and keep it interesting.

4. 12 things I learned in my first year of using a bullet journal.

5. A year of daily logging. [note logging not jogging :)]


alexa said...

That's a very lovely place for a run ... You must have such wonderfully oxygen-filled lungs :). And thank-you so much for the kinks about logging, and journalling; it was thanks to you that I started a bullet journal in the first place, and there are some great reminders here on how to use it more fully. I know I am ALWAYS going to find something of interest in your posts :).

alexa said...

That should be 'links not 'kinks'. Note to self - re-read before 'Publish your comment'!