Saturday, September 12, 2015

This week's links ...

It's the first day of school holidays for The Boy and second for the girls. The Boy had a soccer presentation and The Little Girl was swimming at MSAC this morning ... now hubby is getting ready for a work trip, The Little girl is enjoying playing on her violin with new (Grade 6) pieces abd no pressure.

Here's those links:

1. Some words that my sister might enjoy ... if she's reading.

2. I made this easy lemon chicken and it was good.

3. A very neat journal layout.

4. Quitting as a Productivity Tactic

5. I've tried monthly family albums even though I've missed a few weeks that need to be caught with our weekly album this year I think I agree with Life Albums: The case for weekly documentation.

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alexa said...

Some great links here :). The words made me smile, and I enjoyed Ronnie's post and simple journal page. And lovely to hear how the young ones are doing too!