Saturday, September 5, 2015

This week's links ...

The Boy has his last soccer match of the season today and The Big Girl is finished basketball and tennis so this weekend will be less about the kids sporting activities and more about some friend and family time. Here's some links for your weekend.

1. How cool are these pen rolls. Such a great idea so you always have the right writing implement when yuo pull out your journal.

2. 75 after school snack ideas. Not just for kids.

3. Life Captured: September journaling prompts.

4. Why you should be tracking your habits.

5. Get those one off nagging tasks done ... the Powerhour.

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alexa said...

I always find your links inspiring and interesting - we seem to be attracted by similar things :). I love the September list, though I think I'd ever have time to tackle one each day - it might be a three month list :).