Friday, September 18, 2015

Rinda's Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt: The last from our trip and some from home.

Another post with finds from this year's Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt. First up some more finds from out trip to Central Australia.

#7 A turtle isn't something I expected to find in the Central Australian Desert but at the Alice springs Museum there was this turtle skeleton ... so I'm taking it.

#8 Someone plugged into social media. The someone is me, I set up then got The Big Girl to take this at Kings Canyon. This is at Kings Canyon where there is no mobile coverage even at the resort, although you could pay for patchy wifi internet connection at the resort. Here at the start of the Kings Canyon walks there was apparently free wifi internet that they encouraged you to use to check-in on social media and post your Kings Canyon photos. My attempt was unsuccessful.

and some from home, including #13 a merry-go-round or carousel. It's not summertime here so I took this on one freezing cold winter day which is why the park is deserted. Unfortunately my kids wouldn't cooperate with a trip down memory lane ... they're "too big" for that now.

#17 At least two people wearing matching outfits. This is the Little Girl's team for the Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championship. This was the first time The Little Girl ran a 4km race. They came 4th.

# 15 A flagpole with at least three flags was a bust. We saw plenty of groups of three flag poles with a flag each ... in Australia there will generally be the Australian, the Aboriginal and the State flag but I'm not sure that we even do multiple flags on one flagpole. For that reason I am  substituting someone holding an umbrella. This was on another cold blustery day on Victoria St Richmond.

and that leaves 5 more, that I may or may not get before times up.


alexa said...

Great to see your photos - and how it covered so many types of weather from your lovely Girls' Team in the sun to the blustery umbrella shot.

Lady Ella said...

Brilliant turtle! Love that!