Monday, September 28, 2015

Around here ...

Making ... decorating and eating lots of cupcakes. The Big Girl is practicing for her food technology practical exam and The Little Girl and The Boy were keen to get into the action too.


Shopping ... for summer wardrobes.

Introducing ...  Riley to the beach.


Rigging ... up the owl to be an eye flashing, noise making, motion sensor activated, solar powered possum deterrent.


Celebrating ...  The Little girl's 14th birthday. She's not so little anymore. We had our traditional pancake cake for breakfast, then mum and dad took us all out to Oakdene winery for lunch. Really great food and the gardens are full of little quirky details.


Watching ... the Scorch Trials. A little bit different to the book but the girls and I enjoyed it. I thought it was better than the Maze runner movie. 

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alexa said...

What an amusing sign! I must remember that :). Lovely to see your 'girl' growing up - such lovely photos ... And good weather, by the looks of it!