Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 35 & 36

What we did Week 35: Riley, The Boy and I went across to the park to watch Hayley play a GSV soccer match. She scored the winning goal with less than a minute to go. SIL's dog Barney came to stay. The Big Girl played her last basketball match of the season Saturday and the tennis semi-finals Sunday. A can of whipped cream appeared in my fridge ... evidence of Hubby going to the supermarket. It was iced chocolates all round.

The pages: Two pages this week but for privacy reasons I'll only share one here because the other is The Big Girl's basketball and tennis photos.

What we did Week 36: The Boy had an open day for his extension tech group at school. The Little girl had her Grade 5 AMEB violin exam and played in the string orchestra at her school concerto concert. The Boy had his last soccer match for the season. We celebrated Father's Day.

The pages: Just one page as I didn't have many photos.

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alexa said...

I like the simplicity of these pages very much and your little 'headers' for each section of journalling.