Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 album: Weeks 10-13

What we did Week 10: The Little Girl swam in the Victorian All Schools Swimming Championship, finishing at 10pm and waking up the next morning with a full-blown sinus infection that sidelined her for 4 weeks. We went to Pt. Lonsdale for the Labour Day weekend joining mum and dad, my sisters and my brother with wife and kids. On the Sunday we went out for wine and nibbles at Noble Rot, then Hubby and I stayed on for our dinner date followed by a walk around the point.

The pages: I didn't have a lot of photos, so just one page. I really wanted to showcase the big photo but also include the photo of the two of us so this was my solution.


What we did Week 11: Monday was the labour day holiday. Saturday we went to visit Riley. The Big Girl played in the basketball semi-final ending in a loss.

The pages: Once again a single page.


What we did Week 12: The Boy started soccer training. The Big Girl had her basketball breakup and played in the GSV tennis finals at Melbourne Park. Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to The Boy's cricket end of season celebration.

The pages: I only had the one photo from Ethan's breakup so I combined it with the first page of week 13.

What we did Week 13: Hubby was in China. The Big Girl had mock interviews at school as part of the careers program. Both girls ran in the school house cross country. The Little girl came 3rd in the junior age group. I presented a seminar paper of Augustine's theodicy. We went to visit Riley.


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alexa said...

Many congratulations on your anniversary :). The idea of using a BIG photo with an insert is very neat, and visually so striking. Sounds as if you have been very, very busy!