Tuesday, August 4, 2015

University Open Day Season

August is University Open Day month in Victoria, so for those of us with teenagers trying to decide on courses and subjects Sundays are spent visiting universities. Sunday just gone was Monash University Open Day. The Big Girl is thinking of architecture as a career so Hubby took her and The Little Girl across to the Caulfield Campus in the morning then after lunch The Boy and I met them at the Clayton campus ... Hubby and my old stomping grounds.

Although there were some changes, much of the university was familiar and we soon found ourselves confidently making our way around the massive site. It was a little surreal sitting in E1 where we both had engineering lectures all those years ago. It's still pretty much the same except for a new coat of white paint on the walls and double screens for the powerpoint presentations. Gone are the double chalkboards that some lecturers would fill every last space up over the course of the hour and the overhead projector with transparencies. One other thing had changed ... Hubby did not take up his standard lecture position of head on the desk asleep!

The Hargrave Cafe is still there, although the long lines of white laminate table and chairs have been replaced with cafe style furniture ... and there's a sign on the front.


There were a few major changes, the multi-storey carpark outside the engineering department threw me a little when I drove in the back way and this massive building is the new chemistry building.

It opened this year with new undergraduate chemistry labs. This is where I did my first year undergraduate as well as a year of teaching ...


That completes #10 (a college or university) of this year's photohunt.

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Lady Ella said...

Aww - it's always nostalgic looking back. I had a similar experience lately. How nice to have a dynasty at the one uni though!