Saturday, August 8, 2015

This week's links ...

It's cold and wet here today and Hubby and The Boy are off to Warburton for a soccer match (Hubby coaching, The Boy playing). Meanwhile the girls and I are going to get our runners checked, do some food shopping then I need to come home and get a substantial part of the writing done for the seminar I'm presenting this week.

Here's some links for your enjoyment if you have space in your weekend ...

1. When Information Becomes Clutter. Checking the phone because I'm bored? Yep and something I'm trying to reduce.

2. I want to try this Australian gardening app.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed ... Draw the Pyramid.

4. A basic quick diary format.

5. So I don't have time for this but these quick DIY rope baskets are pretty cute.

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