Saturday, August 29, 2015

This week's links ...

This morning The Big Girl and Riley had testing for the Ideal Dog Australia course. We weren't expecting him to pass but in the end he only missed one criteria ... he was unable to sit in the car without jumping out, so we were pretty happy with that. They can still go into the club and continue their obedience training. It was bitterly cold and rained at the end of the morning so it's good to be back inside, warm and dry.

Here's some links for your weekend.

1. For those of you not in Australia you might or might not be aware that government policy is currently to incarcerate refugees arriving illegally by boat. Some of them are processed offshore to avoid the legal issues that arise once they set foot on Australian soil. There are also many children detention centers. For the Australians I'm sure you're well aware of this issue, but you might not be aware that it is now possible to be a pen pal to children in detention. Hat tip to Pip.

2. Declutter by turning manuals into ibooks.

3. Religion and Violence.
There is faith used for other ends, and there is faith.

4. Orchidaceae in Summer. I got given an orchid in May and it brightened up my kitchen for nearly six weeks before the flower dropped. Since then I cut off the flower stem and I've kept it watered. It's still providing a bit of green on my kitchen bench, will have to see if I can coax it to produce another flower. It's near the kitchen window but probably needs some fertilizer now.

5. Writing makes your life better.

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alexa said...

I am sorry not to have been a more regular reader this August, Melissa, but am catching up again. Well done to the Big Girl and her canine companion! And thank-you for the links - you always have something that really grabs me, and nos 2 and 5 will be holding my attention for a while. Though no 3 is a great reminder - The Man was often very different to his followers.