Sunday, August 23, 2015

This week's links ...

Plum Blossom

It is nearly Spring here after one of our coldest winters. The blossoms are starting and we even got up to 20 degrees this week. We are so ready for winter to be over. I'm a little later this week with my links. We had a busy day yesterday with dog school in the morning and visiting my brother before he flew out with his family for their big move to Park City, Utah in the afternoon.

1. I did about 3 months of a 1s video per day. I love this project but keeping it going would have been a challenge. I'm wondering whether this app would help.

2. I've changed over to paper organization this year and it has been a good move. Why a paper planner is better than digital.

3. With one daughter who avoids processed meats because of the preservatives and two others that just odn't like them that much, I often try to have leftover meat for lunches. Laws of Leftovers: How long do they last?

4. I would have loved to do WITL but being completely honest I knew that I would not be able to follow through, plus the family is not particularly cooperative on the photography side nowadays but I did realise that I could incorporate some of the details captured in the WITL project into our yearly album. This post offers some good tips for WITL to help me.

5. How to write a condolence note.

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