Saturday, August 15, 2015

This week's links ...

Well the washing's on, The Boy is at soccer and I'm just chilling until it's time to drive The Big Girl and Riley to dog training. Here's some links for your weekend.

1. I've been doing some time tracking using a doubledex. I'm finding I'm less likely to goof off if I'm keeping track of what I'm actually doing during the day. I just draw it quickly each morning in my journal then it's really quick to fill in.

2. I have always have major issues in my vegtable garden with powdery mildew. Here's an article on what to do about it.

3. Preparing food for the week ahead.

4. How to stop to-do lists from ruining your life.

5. The Boy is a voracious reader so ... 25 Books for kids age 8-12.

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