Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 33 & 34

What we did week 33: I presented my paper on The Body of Christ in class. The Little girl played in the string orchestra at her school's annual music concert. She also had her 4th grade AMEB piano exam, passed with a B+. Hubby took The Big Girl and The Boy to look at Melbourne University.

What we did week 34: The Little Girl ran the 1500m in the GSV athletics in 5:57 which is a little off her best but 40s better than her preliminary time a couple of weeks ago when she was on the viral merry-go-round. Riley was up to mischief, sneaking up the front of the house and stealing The Little Girl's banana from her lunch and climbing over the back seat when we took him to the vet ... he's getting clipped in the back from now on.

The pages: I didn't have many photo so I left out a couple and just made one page. I included a series of shots that The Big Girl took of Riley climbing over the back seat.


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