Sunday, July 19, 2015

This week's links ...


First week of term and we are getting back in to the swing of things. The Little girl is at music camp this weekend and Riley was back at dog school yesterday for his pre-IDA morning. My sister and her two kids stayed with us on Friday night before they flew back Singapore and we had my other sister and a cousin's family for dinner as well. Add in Hubby's birhday and lots of good things happening. Here's some links for your weekend ...

1. Books to Inspire Meaningful Living. I've read 4 of these books so the others are probably worth a look too.

2. Gorgeous travel organiser and free printables.

3. Information to put in your travel journal before leaving.

4. I think I mentioned that I've read and started to implement the advice in "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." Unfortunately there was no way it was practicable for me to do the whole house in 6 months once I got back into uni but I've decided to tackle certain items in short bursts so that at least those particular things are organised. Here's one person's experience 6 months on.

5. Would love to do living wall planters on our fence outside the windows on the south side of the house.

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I popped in this morning to visit and got so entranced by all your super links, that I am only getting back to you now! Loved the living wall and sourced the planters over here, have bookmarked the meaningful books, and enjoyed the post on Marie Kondo's tidying. Which I've also just read in the last month and am working on in furious bursts too :). I think it might have been you who pointed me to it! I got a copy for my DD and her best friend as they prepared to leave one flat and move into another and they have really taken it on board. So thank-you, Melissa!