Friday, July 10, 2015

Melbourne to Alice springs Roadtrip: Day 1 Melbourne to Murray Bridge

After a very long day with parent-teacher interviews, running kids to swimming, stocking up supplies, finishing up and handing off work and dropping Riley at Hubby's sister's we decided to push our planned departure back from 7am to 8am. We almost made it except for a last minute dash by The Big Girl back into the house to get her sunscreen.

Depart Melbourne: 8:05am; 0km

Morning Tea: Beaufort at 9:59am; 170.5km
A collection of quaint historical buildings, award winning pies and it's location approximately 2hrs form Melbourne make this a pleasant stop. Lamb and Rosemary, Chicken and Plain Beef were all sampled and given the thumbs up. Even The Big Girl, who normally avoids pies due to the preservatives got in on the action.

Beaufort Fire Station

From here the Western Highway continues though Ararat and past the Grampians,


... a place we must bring the kids back to. Halfway between Stawell and Horsham at Dadswell Bridge is the Giant Koala. I just couldn’t resist stopping and getting a photo with this rather creepy replica of an Aussie icon, with its strangely rendered hairy ears and red eyes.

Giant Koala

Rest stops along the highway are listed in advance and I was intrigued by the listing for the Pink Lake. Would it really by a Pink Lake? The answer was yes.

Pink Lake

The Wimmera is sheep and wheat country. Fields stretch out for miles and even tiny towns of a few clustered buildings are visible from a distance marked by the ubiquitous wheat silos that dominate the surrounding countryside.


Lunch: Nhill at 1:25pm; 382km.
Nhill is set right in the middle of wheat country. The centre strip of the main street is occupied by the public park with a gazebo, picnic table and public toilets. The toilets had piped Beethoven … but only for the ladies.

The South Australian border is 63km from Nhill but my plan to take a photo with the sign was frustrated as we were passing it before I realised we were there. The quarantine bins are located a couple of kilometres down the round and all fruit and vegetables must be disposed of here.

SA border quarantine

Afternoon Tea: Keith at 3:30pm; 506.9km

Arrive Murray Bridge: 5pm (5:30pm Melbourne time).
We arrived at Murray Bridge at sunset. Murray Bridge derives it's name from the road and rail bridges that cross the Murray River at this point.  After picking up petrol we headed straight down to the river for some sunset photos of the bridge.

After picking up some more supplies at Woolworths we drove to the Oval Motel where we were staying the night. It was fairly basic motel accommodation but clean, everyone had their own bed and there was a full size fridge, kitchen sink and crockery and cutlery as well as somewhere for us to all eat.

Total distance traveled: 662km.

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Cate Brickell said...

I grew up in Horsham, and regularly travelled through Murray bridge to SA, but I've never actually seen the bridge cause we always went by ferry!