Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Reading Moby Dick. I know I'm STILL reading it. It's not really a book that you can speed read though. I extended my library loan the maximum number of times, then had to return it before I was finished. A week later when I was at the library I checked and it was on the shelf, the same copy I had borrowed before, with the ribbon still where I'd left it. WIN!

Training Riley. He is starting the Kintala Ideal Dog course this week. He has calmed down a lot while we away ... Barney (another golden retriever) taught him some manners, pushing him down whenever he tried to jump on a human.

Cutting back The Little girl's activities. This year she has had a revolving selection of viruses and colds, has been 'forgetting' to go to music lessons and a lunchtime recital. She is supposed to be doing six sessions of swimming a week so Hubby and I gave the ultimatum ... either she stops swimming or she needed to cut back to one sport and one music instrument at school. So before the holidays she emailed the teacher coordinating soccer to let her know she would be unable to do soccer this year. She has a piano exam on the 16th of August and after that will take a break from piano. She was not that happy with us but her life as it was was unsustainable.

Finding ducks in our pool on Sunday morning.

Celebrating Hubby's birthday.

Hoping no one catches The Big Girl's cold.

Selecting subjects ... well the kids, not us ... but we're helping them. The Boy needs to pick his LOTE and a summer and winter sport, The Little Girl needs to pick her LOTES and then four other electives like art and food technology etc. The Big Girl is selecting VCE subjects so that means five for next year (English is compulsory). She wants to study architecture at university so VCD and maths are pretty certain and she'll probably add in a second maths, and some sciences.

Listening to the wind roaring around the house and feeling grateful that there is no rain forecast for later as The Little Girl has a school athletics meet this afternoon.

Trying to remember to eat fruit. I almost always have some fruit at breakfast but I've got out of the habit of having my second piece. This month it's time to remedy that.

Picking up running after my holiday. Last Tuesday I really didn't want to run, so much so that I seriously considered giving running up for good. I managed to drag myself out the door and with each run it has got a little easier.

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