Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt: Doorknocker, bridges, etc.

I'm attempting to do a better job than previous years with this year's scavenger hunt.

 #2 An ornate doorknocker. The Little Girl was playing violin at a High Tea at Tay Creggan on Sunday so I snapped a photo of the door knocker on the original door as we went inside.

Door Knocker Tay Creggan

Here are some of my finds from our roadtrip.

#5 People playing a board game or card game. We played lots of games of Family Feud on our travels but this is a photo of the kids playing Monoploy Deal in the bar at Wilpena Pound. I'm guessing The Boy is pretty happy with how the game's going, The Little Girl not so much.


#6 A metal bridge. We stayed the night at Murray Bridge on the way to and from Central Australia and I got a few photos of the bridges. This is obviously the road bridge.

#16 A panoramic view taken while standing someplace high in the air.  I took this photo of the copper mine when we were in Burra. We were standing on the museum balcony and The Boy wouldn't come outside because there were "no supports connecting the balconies to the ground" (the balconies were cantilevered).

... and let's talk #12 public toilets shall we? You get to see a lot of them on a two week roadtrip.

First up we have Kulgera where we stopped for lunch. A mural decorated the toilet wall.

The entrance was on the other side ...


Many of the National Park toilets and road side stops are drop toilets. This one was at Kathleen Springs ... a not completely unpleasant example. The worst was probably at Kata Juta (The Olgas) which has multiple drop toilets and probably a reasonable number of overseas visitors. In spite of multiple signs the lids had been left open and the reek filled the whole building. Note to visitors: please put the lid down after using a drop toilet! The next person will thank you.

This last one was at Curtin Springs and features the truly Ocker labels "Sheilas" and "Blokes". It was here that we learnt to check the wind direction before parking the car ... you do not wnat to park down wind of the toilets.

I found a few more from the list on the rest of our roadtrip which I'll share next month.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your fun take on public toilets. I had to laugh at staying upwind. I've had that happen to me, too! Nice photos, though.

Lady Ella said...

Beautiful panorama! Like all your toilets (laughed at the misspelling of "Sheila" - you'd think if they were going to all that trouble...!)

Cathy Keller said...

Well done!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

BJ said...

Love the toilets, BJ

Melissa said...

Great finds. I especially like the door knocker . . . and the stories of the toilets!

Karen said...

Gorgeous panorama! And a good take on the public restrooms.

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL!!! I love your musings on toilets.
And some very beautiful photos, too.
Thanks for joining in and linking up.

Maggie said...

Very amusing comments on toilets. The trouble is they are so important when you are on holiday or out for the day! I like the idea of not being downwind!


This is super!! I'd probably not want to go out for a panoramic view either if there were no supports.

I joined in this time around and posted my finds. If you'd care to stop by for a visit, I'd love your company!!