Saturday, April 11, 2015

This week's links ...

We're back home after our Easter break and getting haircuts, winter clothes for The Big Girl, back to swimming for the Little Girl and preparing for the puppy.


1. I was given the beautiful orchid above as a thank-you for managing the Big Girl's basketball team. Now I'd like to keep it alive. This How to Grow Orchids post should help ... apparently it's not too hard.

2. An interesting approach to sticking with good habits.

3. I love these DIY Plant Caloches and considering the difficulty I had with some kind of animal digging up seeds and seedlings in the vegetable garden, I might need to make some myself.

4. I mainly cook my greens and carrots in the microwave but if I ever do them on the stove apparently I could use the water to fertilise my plants.

5. I made these Hot Cross Buns last week ... well kind of because as per usual I was missing a few ingredients ... the mixed spice and peel. They were good ... and unless you're going to eat the whole batch on the day I recommend following his tip of soaking the dried fruit. These are the light and soft type of buns. I wanted to try this choc chip bun recipe but I ran out of time.

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alexa said...

I always to do a double take when you mention preparing for winter, just as we are emerging from ours! Loved the link to the paper clip habit - what a great idea.