Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anzac Day ... this week's links.

It is a dreary, rainy day here today with an very early start for our local Anzac dawn service. We were standing about 3/4 back in the crowd so we couldn't see anything but could hear most of it. The rain broke for about an hour in the afternoon so I went for my run and had a closer look at the memorial and wreaths on my way.

Anzac Day Surrey Hills

I hope your weekend's a good one. Here's some links I've been reading.

1. A DIY organic pest spray for the garden.

2. I made these chicken and dumplings for dinner last night. They were yum.

3. A month worth for Salad-in-a-jar recipes.

4. Our study is quite dark, only having 1 south facing window. I got a small terrarium for on the shelf near the window but I'd like to get a least one more plant for that room so this list of plants for darker rooms may come in handy. I already have a ZZ plant and Snake plant in other rooms but I like the look of Pothos for one of the higher shelves in our study.

5. These wonderful day in the life photo projects have got me thinking that maybe it's time to do another one myself.

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alexa said...

Those mason jar salads look wonderful - as does the photograpgh your day. Thank-you for both these. Remembering you all on Anzac day,.