Saturday, March 14, 2015

This week's links ...

We're going to meet our prospective puppy this afternoon ... which has reduced the nagging today because the kids are eager to complete their jobs so they can come with us.

1. Our summer veggies are almost finished, although I'm still getting lots of tomatoes, it will soon be time to plant for winter. Intensive Gardening: Grow more food in less space.

2. Got lots of fresh herbs? Try this: Making herb paste.

3. Alexa has generously provided some photoshop templates for simple modern photo books.

4. With 3 kids I tend to have a lot of interruptions to my day with many of those interruptions a demand for my time and attention which can leave me feeling depleted. I find that reducing decisions can have a big effect on how I feel at the end of the day. Here's 7 ways to minimise decision fatigue.

5. Take the quiz to see which of the four tendencies you are. I came out as an upholder which is probably true.

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alexa said...

Thank-you for the shout-out, Melissa - I am touched :). And fascinated by your tendencies link (I think I'm a questioner but need to do the quiz!).