Sunday, March 8, 2015

This week's links ...

We're currently enjoying a long weekend round here. Lots of relaxing at the beach house with a smattering of homework for the girls and reconnecting with the cousins for The Boy. Here's some links ...

1. Short daily entries in a journal.

2. Engage the Core. - "What is at the centre of your life? What makes you feel solid and strong? When it’s engaged, what makes you feel relaxed?"

3. DIY Mid-century coffee table.

4. Hand Letting Tips. I would love to incorporate some of this into my journal at some stage.

5. How to fall asleep in less than a minute. I haven't tried this yet but should.

1 comment:

alexa said...

You have the most interesting links! If you are going to do the relaxing breath, it is worth clicking on her link to Dr Weil's little video to see exactly how to do it and how many to take. I will try this tonight!