Saturday, February 7, 2015

This week's links ...

Hubby is back home and after The Boy get back from cricket we have a sport free weekend. The weather is hot, humid and windy so we're going to spend some time making gyoza and sushi rolls this afternoon and possibly enjoy a swim. Here's some links for your weekend ...

1. Free project brainstorming printable. Even if you weren't going to print it, these give a good starting point for writing out your own brainstorming.

2.If you're looking for some new reading ... Best books of 2014.

3. Or need something fun to finish off your printed projects you might have a use for Rebecca's Favourite Dingbat fonts.

4. Lots of tips on keeping a common place book.

5. 12 Easy to Grow Indoor Plants for Beauty and Air Purification.

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