Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 3 and 4

What we did week 3: We had one of our rare beach days this summer. Went to see Into The Woods (I wanted to like it but it was too long and boring). My cousin came to visit for the day. We celebrated my dad's 75th birthday with dinner at Tulip and then presents at breakfast. We rode to Drysdale.

The pages: I made three pages this week. Once again the first page highlights my favourite photo taken with my dslr for the week.

PL Life Album Wk3a

The second page has more photo from our day at the beach and the week summary.

2015 Life Album Wk3b

The third page has my photos from Saturday, which was dad's birthday and the day we rode to Drysdale. The journaling is from this post with a few modifications and I included a map of our route. I made an effort this week to get in some photos.

2015 Life Album Wk3c

What we did week 4: We came home from Pt. Lonsdale for The Little Girl's orthodontic appointment. The fridge broke down and was left in the middle of the kitchen by the men. We looked after the sister-in-law's dog. Swam in the pool lots and ate dinner outside on Saturday night.

The pages: I did two pages this week. My favourite photo for this week was not the right shape to go square so I added the caption and kept it rectangular ... but still big on the first page.

2015 Life Album Wk4a

The second page included a mix of photos from the rest of the week as well as the weekly summary.

2015 Life Album Wk4b

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