Saturday, February 28, 2015

This week's links ...

1. I've now managed to keep alive three plants for a whole year and am looking to increase our indoor greenery. This may be useful ... Air Plants: Care and Styling.

2. I've got a plan to plant some succulents in some of the clay masterpieces the kids have brought home form school over the years. I'll follow these instructions for planting succulents in vintage containers.

3. How to dry your own herbs.

4. 8 books where living intentionally and self-care intersect.

5. Pip does the hard work of finding some beautiful brush script fonts (not free).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 5 and 6

What we did week 5: The 26th January is Australia Day, so we started the week with a day off and did nothing. The week was mainly spent with me working and getting the kids ready for school. The Little Girl had a couple of days of string orchestra rehearsals before school started, we also picked up textbooks, had a big stationary buy up at Officeworks and The Big Girl got her haircut. The Boy started back to school on Friday and Saturday basketball and cricket resumed. Our new fridge arrived. Hubby flew out to China on Sunday.

The pages: I didn't take a lot of photos this week, apart from the cricket photos. The Australian map/flag is from Australia Day by Kaye Winnieki.

2015 Life Album  Week 5a

2015 Life Album Week 5b

What we did week 6: The girls started back at school. The Little Girl had GSV swim kickoff on the Friday and The Big Girl went to youth group. Hubby arrived back from China on Saturday. The weekend was hot so the pool got some use and we had our Japanese feast.

The pages: Two more pages for this week. 
2015 Life Album Week 6a

2015 Life Album Week 6b

Saturday, February 14, 2015

This week's links ...

It was bucketing down here this morning so Hubby and I got our tax together ... fun times. Sun's out now but before I head off to basketball and possibly some Chinese New Year celebrations here's some links ...

1. On Monday I stay down to put together own menuplan for the week and was procrastinating on Pinterest and saw this Coconut Crusted Chicken with Mango salsa ... so I decided to make it for dinner. It was yum and the kids loved the mango salsa.

2. I also made pulled pork in the slow cooker using this recipe and served it up with this BBQ sauce. I've used different recipes before but these avoided too many processed ingredients and the kids were still keen ... so win.

3. It's hard work keeping the homemade treats stocked at our house so this big batch of lunch box biscuits really hit the spot. The bonus is that I have half the batch ready to cook up for more fresh biscuits. One thing to keep in mind is that because you melt the butter the dough is warm and the day I made them it was hot anyway so when I mixed in the choc chips they melted. There were no grumbles though and we're still enjoying them ... just.

4. Included in this post is a handy print out of questions to ask the kids about their reading.

5. DIY painted vases.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Japanese Food on a Saturday Night

Depending on our schedule Saturday is the day that we often cook something that is new or a bit more involved than our regular dinners revolving round a theme. Since basketball was a bye, we were home all afternoon so we made the Big Girl happy making avocado sushi rolls. The Little Girl and I folded 70 gyoza, enough for our dinner and two batches for the freezer. We rounded out the meal with some Japanese vegetable pancakes.





... and that's #20 on the list.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

This week's links ...

Hubby is back home and after The Boy get back from cricket we have a sport free weekend. The weather is hot, humid and windy so we're going to spend some time making gyoza and sushi rolls this afternoon and possibly enjoy a swim. Here's some links for your weekend ...

1. Free project brainstorming printable. Even if you weren't going to print it, these give a good starting point for writing out your own brainstorming.

2.If you're looking for some new reading ... Best books of 2014.

3. Or need something fun to finish off your printed projects you might have a use for Rebecca's Favourite Dingbat fonts.

4. Lots of tips on keeping a common place book.

5. 12 Easy to Grow Indoor Plants for Beauty and Air Purification.

Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 3 and 4

What we did week 3: We had one of our rare beach days this summer. Went to see Into The Woods (I wanted to like it but it was too long and boring). My cousin came to visit for the day. We celebrated my dad's 75th birthday with dinner at Tulip and then presents at breakfast. We rode to Drysdale.

The pages: I made three pages this week. Once again the first page highlights my favourite photo taken with my dslr for the week.

PL Life Album Wk3a

The second page has more photo from our day at the beach and the week summary.

2015 Life Album Wk3b

The third page has my photos from Saturday, which was dad's birthday and the day we rode to Drysdale. The journaling is from this post with a few modifications and I included a map of our route. I made an effort this week to get in some photos.

2015 Life Album Wk3c

What we did week 4: We came home from Pt. Lonsdale for The Little Girl's orthodontic appointment. The fridge broke down and was left in the middle of the kitchen by the men. We looked after the sister-in-law's dog. Swam in the pool lots and ate dinner outside on Saturday night.

The pages: I did two pages this week. My favourite photo for this week was not the right shape to go square so I added the caption and kept it rectangular ... but still big on the first page.

2015 Life Album Wk4a

The second page included a mix of photos from the rest of the week as well as the weekly summary.

2015 Life Album Wk4b