Saturday, January 24, 2015

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So after a grand total of four decent beach days in the three-and-a-bit weeks we were down at Pt. Lonsdale we came home and have had five hot days in a row. The timing could have been better but we needed to be home for The Little Girl's orthodontic appointment on Wednesday and she also has a swim meet this afternoon. The kids have been using the pool, so there's that and we were also able to go fridge shopping, so that is good, especially considering we wanted a left hinge door which is a special order and won't be delivered for another week. I would not like to be without a fridge once we are back to school and busy again. Right now we're walking around the old fridge which is perched in between it's old hole and the island bench and collecting our cold stuff from the fridge in the garage. At least I am getting a lot more steps going to and fro.

We also have a guest this week ... the sister-in-law's dog Barney so we've enjoyed some walks and the kids have been practicing looking after a dog again. This weekend is our Australia Day long weekend which is a lovely bonus to have Hubby home on Monday and get a little more family time before we launch into the back to school frenzy. The Boy has gone off to MSAC with Hubby and The Little Girl this afternoon so he can go on the Flowrider while The Little Girl does her warmup. The Big Girl and I are waiting for Barney to be picked up then we are going to shop and cook for dinner. She's cooking Chocolate Malt Ice-cream Sandwiches, I'm making Korean BBQ chicken. The rest of the weekend is wide open for all sorts of possibilities but first here's some links ...

1. 18 Mason Jar Salad Recipes.

2. Suggested Reading for Middle Schoolers.

3. Free printable for project brainstorming.

4. DIY seedbed from an up cycled shoe box. Currently my seed packets are shoved willy nilly into the post envelope they arrived in and every time I want to do some planting I have to pull them all out and see what I've got.

5. 24 Children's and YA books every one should read or re-read.

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