Friday, January 9, 2015

My Plans for Memory Keeping 2015

Format: With several unfinished years of kind-of-Project-Life under my belt, this year I would like to finish. The last couple of years I've tackled it in a monthly format and this year I plan to go back to weekly as I'm hoping it will be less daunting sifting through the stories and photos for a week rather than a month. I also want to be able to do a weekly review, to include more of the little things that don't warrant a spot of their own.

Photography: Last year I didn't pull our my dlsr very often. This year I would like to change that. My plan is to pull it out at least once a week and capture one image that I love. I'll still use my iPhone  a lot, especially when I'm out and about.

Standard Page Layouts: I've got into the habit of always bringing home an armload of cook books when we visit the library. Before Christmas I picked up Jamie Does .... I returned it without trying any of the recipes but the photography and layout was beautiful. Each country had a slightly different layout and I picked Greece to use as my inspiration. My favourite image from each week will be blown up to fill the page and this will be coupled with as many pages of grid collaged photos. Words will be on the large photo in in the grid. Sometimes I may just have the large photo.

The Stories: Lots of random stories in the weekly pages. Events if they're big enough can have their own page. I'd like to also include some day-in-the-life or week-in-the-life pages. If I'm inspires particular subjects may make their appearance. Artistic scrapbook layouts will have a place too. I'll keep a sense of continuity by placing the layouts in place of the photo in a single photo layout.

Product: At this stage none.

Fonts: Helvitica Neue, Courier, Party at Gatsby's

Sharing here: Every two weeks.

Anything else? We have a road trip planned to Central Australia in the middle of the year and I know I'll do a separate book for that.

Week One: Jan 1st-4th

Project Life 2015 Week 1

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alexa said...

I love these clean pages, Melissa - what size are you using? I had to smile at the bit about your cookbooks - I often get completely absorbed by the design of a magazine or book and completely miss the content!

Merrit Cooke said...

Thanks so much for the mention! It sounds like you have a great plan for going into your 2015 album :)

I love the idea of using a weekly review card to fit in stories that don't really need their own spot. I always have way more pictures and stories that I do space in my layout, so I may borrow that idea to squeeze some less important stories together into a single pocket!

Good luck with finishing up this year on time, I'll be working on that same goal too!!