Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Album: Week 2

Three weeks in and I'm managing to keep to my plan. When I laid out my plan I neglected to specify that this year I am keeping to the 12x12 square format for my book because it allows for lots of photos at a decent size to be included. I have made a few changes to my workflow to streamline the process of making pages. Previously I have kept my photos in monthly folders but after the first week I realised weekly folders are much easier to work with. So all photos and the completed pages are going in weekly albums in iPhoto. I also keep a note on my iPad for each week where I jot down anything that has happened in pretty much the exact format that I am using on my page. All I have to do when making the page is copy this text. So onto week 2 ...

What we did: The Boy had his final week on Nippers, including back beach day. The back beach at Pt. Lonsdale is the 4th most dangerous patrolled beach in Australia, and this year The Boy completed his first run-swim-run there with flying colours. Water events at the Nipper Championship on Saturday were cancelled because of  contaminants in the water due to the heavy runoff from the previous days. The Boy was very disappointed because he had been finishing 2nd or 3rd in boards this year and had decided to enter the IronNipper this year as well. The Little Girl went to a 4 night swim camp at Geelong Grammar. The Big Girl and The Cousin organised a trivia night. We went to see Night at the Museum 3.

The pages: I made three pages this week. The first highlights the dlsr photo that I picked as the photo of the week. The Boy was very excited to finally get his hands on his Nipper instructor's hat. Also includes the week # and dates.
PL 2015 Week 2 pg1

The second page includes the week summary. Photos from Nippers sessions including back beach day and the kids in the pool.
PL 2015 Week 2 pg 2
Third page includes a photo of the girls trivia questions and The Boy's Nipper certificate. As well as a photo of the kids using their Christmas present from the grandparents and a group of photos from Nipper Championship Day.
PL 2015 Week 2 pg3

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