Saturday, December 6, 2014

This week's links ... and my aching legs ...

The first flush of flowers on our new climbing rose.

I turned 43 this week and I'd decided a while ago that this would be the week to finish my goal of running 10km in under 60mins. We had an early morning wakeup in the form of a massive thunderstorm that blew over in time for The Little Girl to go to swimming at 6:15am and then I went to help cook 140 egg and bacon muffins for the club's State breakfast. Driving home I was tossing up whether to run or not. I've not been feeling fantastic this week and on Wednesday had a bout of vertigo which usually takes a couple of days to get over, plus my fitbit says I only got 5hrs sleep last night so I was tempted to skip it but decided I may as well do this thing.

Last km was a killer ... but I completed in 59:52 ... not as fast as I would have liked ... but mission accomplished. And I've decided 5km is probably my favourite distance to run.

Anyway ... the links ...

1. Bullet Journal Series: The Complete Package. I'm still using my bullet journal and loving the flexibility as it constantly evolves according to my needs.

2. I have some money from the relatives for my birthday to buy an indoor plant and would really love a fiddle-leaf fig but don't want to spend my money on something I may kill in a couple a months. If I do decide to risk it I will take this advice.

3. 101 List Prompts for your art journals.

4. These DIY peppermint bath salts for friends and teacher gifts are such a good idea. I'm thinking on a smaller scale may work for The Boy's school KK gift because it has to be homemade and non-food.

5. Decadent hot chocolate mix. Maybe a special family night in?

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