Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's the weekend ... and this week's links ...


 Things are winding down round here. The kids all finished school last Tuesday, basketball is finished, the last cricket match was this morning and the last tennis match tomorrow. Swimming is still going but The Little Girl had a bad cold this week so I had a bit less running around.

The weather is lovely here today. The Boy and Hubby are out netting the fruit trees and later this afternoon we'll have a swim and BBQ dinner ... I think steak sandwiches. Tomorrow is The Boy's birthday party. We are not quite a month late but his birthday was followed by two weekends of Victorian Qualifying Swim Meet for The Little Girl, then a Sunday afternoon viewing of The Mockingly Part 1 for the girls and I, so this was our first opportunity. Five friends, pool, party pies and sausage rolls, a movie, ice-cream cake and massive amounts of sugar. Should be fun.

Here's my links for this week ...

1. Here's a fun 2015 reading challenge.

2. Love this DIY wall organiser.

3. I'm thinking about what I want to do for documenting next year. I really like some of the ideas in this plan.

4. Pip is embarking on a Year of Australian Writing Challenge in 2015. While I won't be joining in I will be keeping on eye on her posts for some good Australian books starting with this list of Australian Literary Awards.

5. Holiday Writing Prompts.

Have a lovely weekend!

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alexa said...

Sorry only just to be catching up with your post now - I always enjoy these and there is always something which chimes with me :). This time it has been the link to the thoughts on documenting 2015 - something I am giving close attention to right now.