Saturday, November 8, 2014

This week's links ...

It's hot and windy here today. I've had a virus this week and am now on antibiotics and not feeling that special but I did take The Big Girl out this morning for a successful shopping trip to buy a dress for her social that's coming up soon ... looks good and on special which brought it well into our price range. For the rest of the weekend I must do some writing, there is a basketball game this afternoon and Swimming Club Sprint Champs for The Little Girl and The Boy, but thought I'd post some links here while I have some lunch and get my head around what I need to write ...

1. Homemade miracle cleaner ... useful for The Boy's cricket whites?

2. The kids don't mind a bit of vegetarian and I've been adding some vegetarian meals into our regular rotation but with their sport I want to be careful ... here's a list of 12 Complete Vegetarian Proteins. And as a bonus this Keralan Curry was a hit and it has rice and chickpeas which together make a complete protein.

3. No matter what I tell myself it seems that I just can't escape my haphazard approach to the veggie garden but here's how to do it properly ... 6 Steps for Planning Next Year's Garden.

4. I may surprise the ids sometime with some homemade chocolate rice puffs.

5. Plantagram. 4X4 foot veggie garden planting guides.

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