Saturday, October 25, 2014

This week's links ...

1. Another book list ... 100 Books to Read Before You Die. A good mix of books. I've read 46.

2. I'm refashioning my mornings at the moment, I won't be doing everything in this post but some good ideas in 6 small changes to your morning routine the will transform your entire day.

3. Warren Buffett's 2 list Strategy. Pick the 5 most important things on your list and then avoid at all costs the other 20 until those are completed. Good advice for those of us that may procrastinate on them oust important things by doing other "useful" stuff ... that would be me.

4. I'm wondering what this no churn cheesecake ice cream would be like.

5. The Official Week in the Life starts next week. I've completed this once and I'm thinking about joining in this year, although it's quite likely that i'll get partway through Tuesday, see someone's WITL post and remember that I was supposed to be doing it. Maybe I'll set an alarm Monday to remind me?

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